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Matt Stell

By Gutterhouse LLC (other events)

Friday, May 14 2021 8:00 PM 10:00 PM

A renaissance man in modern country, Stell is both an artist and an athlete, a soulful Southern vocalist and a worldly wayfarer. He’s a deep-thinking academic and a live-for-the-moment dreamer. And he’s a writer whose passion for the page is only equaled by his addiction to the stage.THE COUNTRY MUSIC INDUSTRY HAS LONG BEEN FILLED WITH ITS SHARE OF CHARACTERS. FROM WILLIE TO HANK AND DOLLY TO WAYLON, EVERY LEGEND STARTS OUT AS JUST ANOTHER ARTIST THAT DOESN’T FIT EASILY INTO SOME PREDETERMINED BOX. AND AS HARD AS COUNTRY MUSIC MAY TRY TO FIT MATT STELL INTO ONE OF THOSE TRIED AND TRUE BOXES, IT’S DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE.

Heck, he’s 6’7. So get to the Gutterhouse for a GIANT performance and listen to his hit Singles Everywhere but on, Look at me now, Chase it down and God is a woman. Live May 14th at the one and only Gutterhouse!

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